Hispanic Employee Advisory Committee (HEAC) – HEAC works to develop a network of employees and promote the cultural diversity and professional development of its members, thereby creating a supportive environment for the Latino/Hispanic community by contributing to the success of Langley’s mission. Inception: 2015

Chair: Debbie Martinez Co-Chair: Marlyn Andino

Executive Sponsor: Catherine Prohaska

Contact: larc-erg-heac-poc@mail.nasa.gov

Website: click here


  • Promote a safe workplace environment that is fully inclusive and free of
    discrimination and harassment based on race/ethnicity.
  • Support of the goals and objectives of LaRC in promoting education and
    awareness of the NASA Diversity Policy.
  • A diverse and inclusive group whose members influence dialog and
    promote awareness of the challenges Hispanics face in science,
    technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) environments, and
    facilitate educational opportunities.
  • Provide a means of communication between the Office of Equal
    Opportunity (OEO), Hispanic Employment Program (HEP) Manager and
    NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) Hispanic federal employees.
  • Promote contact with and exposure to Hispanic organizations,
    professional societies, and provide awareness of relevant issues and
  • Committed to fostering leadership through networking,
    professional/personal development and community involvement in concert
    with NASA Mission objectives.


  • Positively impact the issues that affect Hispanics in the workplace.
  • Create awareness to decrease stereotypes and biases that negatively
    impact Hispanics in the workplace
  • Play a vital role in LaRC’s retention efforts by offering employees a sense
    of community and belonging
  • Engage with the Center Leadership Council (CLC) to strategically evaluate
    workforce culture and influence center level policy
  • Foster diverse work environment at NASA LaRC; promote positive
    performance and employee advancement
  • Help to promote and support NASA’s Hispanic Educational Outreach
    programs and activities
  • To promote networking and development of Hispanic employees while
    sharing the common interest of NASA Mission objectives and goals
  • Be a significant workforce enhancer and developer, facilitate cross-sector
    and corporate-wide activities
  • Maintain and support NASA LaRC Hispanic Employee Program (HEP)
    website to promote science and technology careers among minority