Know the 6 Essentials of a Model EEO Program

The 6 Essentials of a Model EEO Program

  1. Demonstrated commitment from LaRC Leadership
    • EEO must be:
      • Embraced by agency leadership.
      • Communicated through the ranks from the top down.
    • EEO principles must be a fundamental part of LaRC culture
    • Agency head must issue annual EEO and anti-harassment policy statements.
  2. Integration of EEO into LaRC’s strategic mission
    • Director of EO has regular access to LaRC senior management.
    • Managers and employees are involved in the implementation of the agency’s Title VII and Rehabilitation Act Programs.
  3. Management and program accountability
    • Establish procedures to prevent all forms of discrimination
    • Evaluate managers and supervisors on efforts to ensure equality of employment opportunity.
    • Maintain effective reasonable accommodation procedures.
    • Maintain clearly defined and fair personnel policies.
  4. Proactive prevention of unlawful discrimination
    • Conduct a self-assessment on at least an annual basis to monitor progress and identify areas where barriers may operate to exclude certain groups.
    • Develop strategic plans to eliminate identified barriers.
  5. Efficiency
    • Maintain an efficient, fair and impartial complaint resolution process.
    • Establish and encourage the widespread use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).
    • Maintain an effective data collection system of the workforce, applicant flow and complaint tracking.
  6. Responsiveness and legal compliance
    • Ensure full compliance with Title VII and Rehabilitation Act, including Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations, orders and other written instructions.
    • Report agency program efforts and accomplishments to EEOC.
    • Comply with final EEOC orders for corrective action and relief.