North American Indigenous Heritage Community (NAIHC) – A growing community working together to bring awareness to and celebrate the heritage and experiences of Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, and all other indigenous populations. Inception: 2022

Chair: Casey Denham

Co Chair: Caroline Montgomery

Executive Sponsor: John Koelling



Mission: We aim to create a welcoming space to bring awareness to the historical and current events that have affected indigenous populations as well as educate the Langley community on the rich history and vibrant living cultures of these communities. We strive to increase representation and promote equity and inclusion of these groups throughout NASA by creating partnerships both within and outside of the agency.

Thank you,

Casey Leigh-Anne Denham

Lead – Langley NAIHC (North American Indigenous Heritage Community)

NASA Langley Research Center | Aeronautics Systems Analysis Branch

1 N Dryden St, MS 442 | B1209 R194 | Hampton, VA 23681 | (757) 864-1828 (o) | (828) 702-2702 (c)