Promoting Agency Cross-Center Connections (PAXC) –  Inception: 2017

Chair: Josh Salazar 

Executive Sponsor: Allen Kilgore




Our mission in PAXC is to encourage communication, knowledge-sharing, and ultimately promote one unified NASA through the NASA Pathways Internship Program community, as well as other NASA-supported internships.


  • Provide opportunities for NASA interns to network with interns at other centers and understand the scope of the work being done across the agency.
  • Share knowledge about projects being conducted at each center through technical presentations, tours and trips.
  • Actively participate in technical round-table discussions regarding the future growth of the agency.
  • Provide resources to interns about their center and how the internship programs are conducted.
  • Volunteer for various STEM educational outreach activities to inspire the future generation of the NASA workforce.