[Formerly Headquarters]

Former Assistant Administrator, Office of Infrastructure [Retired]

Olga M. Dominguez became the Assistant Administrator for NASA’s Office of Infrastructure on June 26, 2006. She leads the Agency infrastructure policy efforts and the integration of infrastructure issues in support of accomplishing NASA’s Science, Aeronautics, Space Operations, and Exploration Missions.

Previously, Dominguez served as the Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Infrastructure and Administration. Prior to that assignment, she served as the Director of NASA’s Environmental Management Division, where she was responsible for agency environmental policy and guidance, agency environmental budgets, and support to the NASA Administrator on environmental issues. She joined NASA Headquarters in 1990 and became a member of the United States of America Senior Executive Service in 1998. Earlier in her career, Dominguez directed the environmental program for the Navy’s David Taylor Research Laboratories and was a lead enforcement inspector for the State of Maryland’s Department of the Environment and the Prince George’s County Health Department.

The recipient of numerous awards, Dominguez has received the Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Executive for 2007; the Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive; the Presidential Award for Leadership in Energy Management; Stennis Space Center’s Frontline Award; NASA’s Cooperative External Achievement Award; and, NASA’s Medal for Outstanding Leadership. She was named one of “The 80 Elite Hispanic Women” by the Hispanic Business magazine in April 2002.

Dominguez’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Fish and Wildlife Management, with emphasis in Zoology. She brings over twenty-five years of experience in leadership and management spanning local, state and federal governments.


NASA Headquarters (HQ), located in Washington, D.C., exercises management over the space flight centers, research centers, and other installations that constitute NASA.

Responsibilities of HQ cover the determination of programs and projects; establishment of management policies, procedures, and performance criteria; evaluation of progress; and the review and analysis of all phases of the aerospace program.

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