Hispanic Employment Program (HEP@NASA LaRC)

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This site was developed (under Executive Order 12900) to provide a means of communication between the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity (ODEO), the HEP Manager, and NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) Hispanic federal employees. It is also intended to promote contact with and exposure to Hispanic organizations, professional societies, and provide awareness of relevant issues and events.

2016 was our HEP@NASA LaRC website’s 20th Year Anniversary!

For the past two decades, HEP@NASA LaRC has helped to promote and support NASA’s Hispanic Educational Outreach programs & activities. To further promote science and technology careers among minority students, we have created the Latina Women of NASA, the NASA Hispanic Astronauts, Hispanic@NASA LaRC and the Hispanic – NASA News Release web pages.

We welcome you to navigate through the interesting links provided here. 

For more information on NASA LaRC Hispanic Employee Advisory Committee (HEAC) Employee Resource Group (ERG) Charter Bylaws, click here!

Notice: Web visitors who are interested in job opportunities at NASA LaRC should visit www.NASAJobs.nasa.gov and/or contact one of NASA LaRC support contractors to inquire about any available vacancies.

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