[Formerly Glenn 
Research Center]

Former Information Technology (IT) Specialist [Retired]

Mrs. Grisselle LaFontaine has been an Information Technology (IT) Specialist for the past 13 years at the NASA Glenn Research Center working with Internet-based technologies. She develops Web-based solutions to address information management needs. In 2000, she developed a dynamic web-based bulletin board called “Today@Glenn”. Recently, she created a web site documenting Cultural Change initiatives at Glenn.

Mrs. LaFontaine assists with the implementation of federal IT mandates. She supported the Center’s implementation of Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act. She managed a Center-wide web publication review process.

Mrs. LaFontaine has been involved with Center-wide initiatives to promote diversity and cultural understanding. In 1989, she served as the Co-chair of the Hispanic Advisory Group at GRC. She spearheaded efforts to develop a NASA strategic plan for the advancement of Hispanics at the Center. She mentored young Latina and African American women and worked with local community groups to advance Hispanic education in math and science. She has participated as a speaker at local career days to encourage young people entering IT-related fields.

Mrs. LaFontaine was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has been employed at GRC for 18 years, starting as a worker trainee under the Worker Trainee Program. A highly motivated individual, she conducted individual studies and attended community college to expand her IT knowledge.


NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) is located at Lewis Field, a 350-acre site, adjacent to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Ohio.

NASA Glenn is advancing exploration of our solar system and beyond while maintaining global leadership in aeronautics.

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