Langley Research Center


Former Supersonic Aerodynamics Engineer [Retired 2015]

Continuing Education/Professional Training:
1) M.S. College of William and Mary, Applied Science

LaRC Superior Accomplishment Awards:
1) 1998 – Outstanding Support to the Center in serving on the Full Cost Management Team.
2) 1997 – Exceptional Contributions to Level I & Level II Program Planning of the Airframe Systems Program Office and the Fundamental Concepts and Methods Office programs.
3) 1996 – Outstanding Contributions to the Agency’s Fundamental Aeronautics Research Program.
4) 1996 – Outstanding Support for the Aeronautics Horizon Workshop.
5) 1996 – Exemplary Contributions to the Development of the Langley Diversity Management Plan.
6) 1994 – Timely and Invaluable Support in Developing the Langley Research Center 5-Year Construction of Facilities Plan.

NASA Awards & Recognition:
1) 1998 – NASA Performance Award

International Awards & Recognition:
1) 1998 – National Technical Association Top Women in the Sciences Award
2) Professional Membership: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

3)Country of Hispanic Descent: Puerto Rico
JULY 2003

NASA Langley Research Center is located in the city of Hampton, near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

NASA Langley continues to forge new frontiers in aviation and space research as it has since 1917, when it was established as the nation’s first civilian aeronautics laboratory! It is considered the NASA “Mother” center. Not only does Langley develop Airframe Systems, scientists also examine the layers of air planes and spacecraft fly through in Atmospheric Sciences.

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