Employees Enabled and Empowered (EEE)

Lead: William Wood   Co-lead: Karen Bibb

Contact: mailto: larc-dl-erg-eee-all@mail.nasa.gov

VISION:  To Strengthen NASA Langley’s potential as an Agency leader to draw upon the collective talents, experiences, and ideas of a diverse and engaged workforce by creating an environment that welcomes differing perspectives.  This ERG will enable our members to contribute to the fullest of their abilities to foster excellence and growth; and build awareness and competency around disability inclusion at the Center for all employees.


  • Engage leadership as champions of disability inclusion
  • Foster networking and benchmarking efforts to help accomplish the goals of the ERG
  • Provide opportunities to build awareness and competency through interactive dialogue and skill building workshops (etiquette workshop, disability)
  • Include individuals with disabilities as motivational speakers and workshop participants
  • Provide opportunities for LaRC personnel to share knowledge and experiences
  • Leverage LaRC for special needs planning and Reasonable Accommodations (RA)
  • Increase awareness of workplace accessibility and accommodation solutions
  • Engage diversity committees and Employee Resource Groups throughout LaRC, and to align activities and goals with other ERGs
  • Expand awareness and impact through strategic communications, including videos, advertising, posters, e-mail, where appropriate
  • Foster improvement of recruitment efforts of Individuals with Disabilities and Schedule A hiring ability

MEMBERSHIP ELIGIBILITY:  Membership of the Employee Resource Group is comprised of NASA employees, including NASA contractors, NASA Pathways students, NASA interns and fellows, and retired employees.  Membership must be all-inclusive.

LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE:  Leadership consists of a Chair and Co-Chair and they must be NASA Civil servant employees.  Although contractors may participate in membership, contractors and retirees may not hold ERG officer positions or represent the group in discussions with leadership.     


  • Awareness of disability protocols
  • Voice directly to/from senior management
  • Knowledge sharing of interactive dialog and skill building throughout the Center
  • Champions for awareness for all individuals
  • Engagement through communication and alignment with other ERGs and with the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs to bring in speakers and work with Special Emphasis Programs to foster awareness for Diversity and Inclusion
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